Blue Magik (Limited Edition).

Indulge in the enchantment of our magical creation, a captivating elixir born the vibrant soul of New Orleans.

Take a sip into a magical blue raspberry with pineapple-infused lemonade. Each sip transports you to a magical space.

This vibrant concoction, aptly named the "Purpose and Pleasure Edition," pays homage to breast cancer survivors. Delight in the swirling dance of cotton candy, strawberry, skittles, and sour patch notes that make your taste buds samba with joy. Infused with edible glitter, it symbolizes the shimmering strength of those who've triumphed over adversity. 

Kandy Krack - Purpose & Pleasure *Limited*

Peach Krack aka Georgia Peach *Year Round*

The perfect harmony of sweet peaches and zesty lemons with our Peach Lemonade. Experience a well-balanced blend that captures the essence of a Georgia peach, transcending seasons effortlessly. Whether it's a refreshing sip on a warm summer day or a delightful addition to your fall festivities, this versatile drink complements every moment.